Thursday, April 26, 2018

Is Email Marketing Right For Me?

Email Marketing…is it for Me?

Let’s look at the numbers
  • It’s 4x more effective than direct mail...
  • It gets 6x more conversions than Twitter...
  • It gets 40x more engagement than Facebook...

Is Email Still a Relevant Medium…is it “Cool” ? 

With Email Marketing YOU target YOUR list and with YOUR message, creating customers, retaining clients, addressing the people who want to hear from you!
Is Email a Good Marketing Investment?

How does Email Marketing Work for Me?

With Email Marketing, it’s easy to see how your email campaigns relate to the rest of your marketing strategy, test ideas, generate reports, define performance and quickly make adjustments as needed.

Putting Email Marketing to Work for YOU!

When you make the decision to put email to work for you and come to rely on email marketing as your primary channel to drive conversions, profits, and customer relationships you will need a simple AND effective way to manage it. Which is why I’m excited to introduce our newest feature...

Seamlessly integrate with your *favorite* email marketing platform. You already have a kick-a$$ email platform you know and love, so why give it up? With Email Marketing, you can easily connect your preferred email platform with just a couple clicks.

Get click-ready subject lines...every time. With Larson & Associate’s Email Marketing, we do a check to make sure your subject line is rated for how it will be viewed to you get more opens. Email Subject Line Testing is essential to higher email penetration.  And a perfect subject line is the key to drive more opens, more clicks, and more conversions.

Get full visibility and consistency throughout your ENTIRE marketing strategy.
No more disjointed or ‘orphaned’ marketing content appearing from channel to channel.
Every concept, every idea, every message, everything in one place.

Employing a comprehensive and coordinated follow-up strategy to maintain your momentum is essential. Integrating this into your existing Email Marketing strategy is all part of our plan. Sealing the deal and making it work from start to finish, that’s how we roll! Now all you need to do is have Larson & Associates make a follow up phone call and your return will go up another x4 bump. 

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