Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Steps Of Effective Delegation

I have found in some 37 some odd years in business that there are 5 steps to better delegating and supervising that will bring you the kind of results you want to get your expectations met and successful results are achieved.

Step One: The first step in delegation is to be totally clear about the results that you want to achieve out of the job or project. The more clarity YOU have the greater the direction you show with towards the results expected. The easier it is for you to select the right person to do the job.

Step Two: The second step in this process is to select the best person based on their previously demonstrated ability and success at doing this kind of job. You want people all people to be successful so don’t set them up for failure. Never ever delegate an important task to a person who has never done that kind of project before. That is not to say you don’t want to push people into achieving a higher level to action that expands their abilities, but keep in mind their strong points and work into those when possible. It is essential that you delegate every task to the best person you have who you have total trust and belief in their ability to complete the task at a high level.

Step Three: Third, explain to the person exactly what you want done, the results that you expect, the time schedule that you require, and the preferred method of working. You have probably already mastered the task you’re delegating out to so use your knowledge of the job at hand to help them help you. Taking the necessary time to teach and explain the best way to do the job based on your past experience is not only an excellent way to ensure that the job will be done the way you want and on schedule I might add, but when a similar job comes up you have a ready trained person do delegate out to, again.

Step Four: Step four is to set up a schedule. The more important the task the more important it is to set up a schedule. Always build some slack into the timetable whenever possible. Then have a system to check on the progress of the task at regular intervals. Leave nothing to chance and you will be a happier owner or manager.

Step Five: Step five is to inspect what you expect. Delegation is not abduction. You are not dropping and running. Just because you have assigned a task to another person does not mean that you are no longer accountable for the project at hand. That is why you are the person in charge. The more important the project, the more important it is that you keep on top of it.
What task can you effectively delegate to someone else? Which one of your employees can handle the task efficiently?

Larson Notes & Satire: My way or the highway. The hardest thing about delegation is the lack of control. As most of you know, I look for clones of me to work with. Ya, lots of little Me’s running around. I shudder at the thought. Now I do some things very well, other things, I would truly be best finding a trusted person to make a hand off to. Let them do for me what they do best. Use your strengths and find people to fill in your gaps. This makes others around you stronger and you even more larger than life.

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