Thursday, December 15, 2011

Opportunity Selling

Think about it. Why did you buy the last product or service you bought?

Two things come to mind with that question. First off you bought or purchased, you were not sold, and second you must have had a reason to buy or at the start of the sales process, you must have had a reason or need to buy or at least have a need.

Every successful salesperson I work with has a few impeccable traits. They don’t get greedy, they don’t sell to people that don’t have a need and they find either the pain of not buying or the reason or the gain of why the prospect should buy.

That need or gain or the pain of not in your opportunity is what makes you becoming the sales doctor you have become. What do you know about the industry you sell into that causes people the most pain and how can you become the Good Doctor?

Knowing this there is only really one more part to the equation you need to keep doing and that is finding more people to talk to about helping them.

Larson Notes & Satire:  Most sales people I talk to, do not like to do what I like to do, that is COLD CALLing people that they have never ever talked to before. But ask yourself, how are you going to sell more of what you sell if you don’t get yourself in front of more people who have a deep need for what you got to sell?

We find that more and more sales people who what to be the good Sales Doctor want a leads company to get them in the door so they can to their “thing”. How ‘bout you?
“We don’t sell lists, we find customers.”

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