Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Every Channel Has Its Problems

Cross-channel, multi-channel, mixed channels, some channels, part-time channels, no channels. It’s ok to scream or pull your hair out. It is one creasy marketing world out there.

When all is said and done all good marketing is starts with listening to your customers and prospects. It is not about you and your products and services. Hardly! It’s not about you at all.

How you talk (or sell) to your clients and prospects is not as important as how they want to be talked to.

Larson Notes & Satire: I hate white papers. Why? Because when I want to look at one I need to give the company all my information. Then some not well informed sales person calls me up trying to sell me something when they don’t know a single thing about my company and don’t really care. They just know I requested a certain “white paper” they sent it and now they want to sell me a product that goes along with that white paper. Makes me turn red. It seems I am a growing part of society in my dislike of white papers. As I usually bypass the papers so too are a good 66% of other people just like me.

I figure that I will give away information as I have been doing for years. If you like my ideas and practices and are not able to implement them for yourself you will hire me and my firm to do lead generation for you in all the various ways we can do it and work in. I have repeatedly told you what my company’s sales and marketing plans are. I follow the Vince Lombardi plan where he reportedly said that he could give any team the Packers were playing his play book and still beat them, because it came down not to the plays made but in the execution. Yes to achieve perfect execution. That will get you the results you want

The philosophy of giving and sharing has worked for 36 years and I think I it works just fine, now.

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